Practising Patience

With the current Royal Commission asking us to be patient, many of us didn’t understand why.

We have since realised that the Royal Commission truly is 100% independent and therefore the establishment of the Royal Commission had to wait until the Commissioners were appointed to begin putting the process, procedures and new staff in place.

In the meantime, there is plenty that we can do by focusing on what we can control like:

  • Take time to prepare your submission.
  • Flex the muscle on your mental fitness
  • Strengthen your community & support networks

Heston Russell sat down with the VSF Community on a Facebook Live Stream to kick start the VSF Community Connect sessions – designed to bring you live and up-to-date relevant information as we embark on this journey together.

He discussed topics like: 

  • Key Focus for the VSF community
  • New things learnt about the Royal Commission and patience required
  • The proposed National Day of Commemoration
  • Peer Support Training and how to get involved
  • Decluttering the ESO space & collaboration
  • Updates on Minister Gee, Legal support and Veterans’ Affairs.

If you would like to view the facebook live stream CLICK HERE.

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Yours in service,


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